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Sarah has been our Firm’s go-to yoga & wellness instructor for over four years. Whenever we have a wellness or employee appreciation event, she is the first person we contact. One of Sarah’s strengths is her ability to work with participants of all levels, which makes her perfect for a corporate audience. When we offer her programs, we are routinely pleased with the turnout of both new and returning participants. The feedback from our employees is always overwhelmingly positive. We would strongly recommend Sarah!
— Choate, Hall & Stewart Senior Benefits Director

The benefits of a customized wellness program for your company:

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase focus

  • Boost energy

  • Boost confidence

  • Bring clarity to sense of purpose

  • Improve creativity

  • Feel happier

  • Improve quality of relationships

  • Foster better team collaboration

  • Become less reactive

  • Create sense of calm


Explore a sampling of workplace wellness workshops:


Discover the 3 Guiding Principles to a Happier, More Productive Team



 Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experience with discernment, curiosity, and kindness.
— Christina Feldman

I offer deeply customized workshops or series for individuals or groups at any level to teach and practice mindfulness. 



A barrier to being happy is not understanding what happiness is in the first place. 

Customized workshops or series for individuals or groups at any level teaching the science of happiness and how one can use positive psychology research and tools to boost individual happiness. 

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sarah Harmon’s Wellness Workshop on the Science of Happiness. I thought both the content of the talk and the manner in which she presented was excellent, with interesting, useful, and practical approaches to help combat some of the daily stresses inherent to our line of work. Definitely cool that our company is proactive about bringing speakers like this in.
— Science of Happiness Attendee


Customized workshops or series for individuals or groups at any level teaching movement and yoga tools for improved physical and mental wellness.


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I found Sarah’s workshops to be very effective in catalyzing positive changes in my daily life and relationships. Your guidance in the practices of positive psychology are both effective and approachable just like your vinyasa instruction. The environment was welcoming and free of judgement, and the honest interactions from within the group really helped me find comfort in shared struggles. My daily practice continues months later and I see positive and lasting changes in my yoga practice as well as my personal and professional interactions.
— Workplace Wellness Attendee

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