Mindfulness & Parenting

Mindfulness & Parenting

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This 4 part Mindfulness & Parenting Series for Parents and Caregivers will teach the foundations of mindfulness and most importantly, how mindfulness can help you be more present, compassionate and available for your children or the children you care for.

The practice of Mindfulness (awareness) can help you not only fully enjoy the wonderful moments, but also help you handle the challenging moments with more grace and patience.

You will learn and practice tools that will benefit you, your loved ones and all aspects of your life!


  • Each session is from 7:30 - 8:45 pm


  • Mondays: June3, 10, 17, 24



142 Bunker Hill Street, Charelstown, MA 0219


Registration: $150

Since the mindfulness and parenting series, I have been able to focus on increasing my patience. Learning about self compassion through mindfulness practice led me to better care for myself which helps me care for my daughter. Even with a small change of adding meta practice, I have noticed a change in my ability to regain control of my emotions in stressful situations. Sarah poses very helpful and thought-provoking questions while creating a safe space to discuss and learn. She gave us a perfect mix of education, discussion, and mindfulness practice. Each week I felt I was able to work on rebalancing myself. I took away a number of skills as well as the confidence to continue my learning and practice of mindfulness as a parent.