Prenatal Mind & Body Workshop

Maintaining a healthy mind and body can be challenging during pregnancy - no matter what trimester, or what number pregnancy you're on! Join Sarah Harmon in this special workshop to learn helpful yoga practices for pregnancy and labor - including movement, postures with modifications, breathwork and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls. You will leave with a variety of new tools to help alleviate common discomforts, be more mindful and help manage whatever pregnancy throws at you!

Bellies, Breathing & Birth

This 75-minute workshop will guide you through prenatal yoga class of different postures and breathing exercises to promote better health & wellness during pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Learn how to apply and use the breath through each posture to reduce stress, increase circulation, prepare for labor, and more. You will be given an arsenal of anchoring tools, guiding your focus, concentration, and mindfulness throughout your pregnancy and especially during labor.