Re:treat for Moms

Fall 2019 Dates: 9/12, 10/10 - 7:15- 8:30 pm

Designed for Moms who need to “treat” themselves!


Moms with kids of all ages, it's time to take a break and treat yourself. We can easily get caught up focusing solely on our children's needs and neglect to take care of our own physical and emotional health.

This Re:treat is Drop-In! Come to as many as you want!

This monthly mini-retreat is geared towards YOU, to help you get a time out from the daily grind of schedules and kiddo shenanigans. Taught by mom to 2 girls, yoga teacher and psychotherapist, Sarah Harmon, this class will vary each month and include a combination of gentle yoga, mindfulness, and soft-tissue self massage using Roll Model® Therapy Balls.

It is an opportunity for Moms to recharge and nurture themselves. Come exactly as you are! No babies for this class please.