Pelvic Floor & Posture

Saturday, April 13th: 1:30 - 3:30 pm

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If you’re human, you have a pelvic floor and thus, this workshop is for you! As Jill Miller says, “posture follows us around like a shadow.” Most people have unhealthy posture, and this impacts the health of the pelvic floor. Strong posture not only helps you build overall body strength, but it is vital for the health of the pelvic floor. This workshop will help you assess and recalibrate your own posture, as well as give you valuable tools and exercises to work on maintaining a healthy pelvic floor. Workshop will include gentle movement/exercises, Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball rolling, lecture and Q&A. For women who have been pregnant, or are currently pregnant, compromised posture and general wear and tear on the body can magnify pelvic floor issues. This workshop is great for you, but is appropriate and useful for all bodies.